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We have all been waiting for a an official pokemon MMORPG to be released for quite some time now. Pokémon fans from all over the world have requested and demanded it but no answer or confirmation has been made by Nintendo or Gamefreak. Don’t worry though, the community has taken matters into their own hands and created a variety of different Pokemon MMORPGs during the past years. Some games in 2D which is the Pokémon the way it should be and some in 3D with a new twist and style. has reviewd and the most popular Pokemon MMORPG.

For years there has been an ongoing discussion about when and why the official Pokemon MMORPG should be release. In fact the demand and urge for a Pokemon MMORPG has been so great that people has taken matters into their own hands. Today there is several ports and remakes of the classic Pokemon games that turns them into fully fledged Pokemon MMORPGs with PVP battles, leagues and tournaments. We have listed the most popular Free to Play Pokemon MMORPGs.

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Keep in mind that these games is in no way affiliate nor supported by Nintendo or Gamefreak. These games are simply ports that have spawned from the lack of an official Pokemon MMORPG on the market.


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