World of Warships Mac: Naval Academy – Armor Guide

The best way to sink your enemy is to know your enemy; specifically, know your enemy’s defenses!

World of Warships armor guide: In this edition of Naval Academy, we focus on everything armor. All things being equal, carefully aimed shots are going to be the deciding factor when it comes to determining who is left floating at the end of a fight. But don’t forget: knowing how to hide your own vulnerabilities is just as important as knowing where to hit an enemy. School is in session, captains.

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World of Warships for Mac is another military themed arena shooter MMO by makers of the absurdly popular World of Tanks and the previously review World of Warplanes. This time wargaming is brining us out to sea to bring us an armada of naval battle ships. Putting plenty of cruisers, battle ships and destroyers at our disposal.

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