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There is no secret that the demand for games on mac grows stronger. So naturally the demand for MMORPG titles also rises every day. More and more developer and publishers seem to have noticed this. And lately we have seen other companies follow the footsteps of Blizzard and their World of Warcraft. We have put together a complete list of MMORPG for Mac. So now you don’t have to look no further to find your next MMORPG to play.

Popular Mac MMORPG – MMORPG for Mac

A Tale In The Desert – 3D MMORPG for Mac
A Tale In The Desert -
Adventure Quest – 2D Browser-based MMO for Mac
Advnture Quest Worlds -
Caesary – Browser-based MMORTS for Mac
Caesary -
Canaan Online – Browser-based MMORPG for Mac
Canaan Online
Castle of Heroes 2D Browser-based MMO for Mac
Castle of Heroes -
City of Heroes – 3D Superhero MMORPG for Mac
City of Heroes -
Clan Lord – 2D MMORPG for Mac
Clan Lord -
DDtank – Free 2D turn-based PvP MMO Browser game for MacDDtank - Free to Play Action Shooter
Dofus – 2D MMORPG for Mac
Dofus -
Earth Eternal – 3D Browser MMORPG for Mac
Earth Eternal
Empire Craft – 2D Browser MMO for Mac
Empire Craft -
EpicDuel – 2D Browser MMO for Mac
EpicDuel -
EVE Online – 3D MMORPG for Mac
EVE Online -
EverQuest – 3D MMORPG for Mac
EverQuest -
Evony – 2D Browser MMO for Mac
Evony -
FusionFall – 3D Browser-based MMO for Mac
FusionFall -
Gladiatus – 2D Browser MMO for Mac
Gladiatus -
Heroes of Gaia 2D Browser MMO for Mac
Heroes of Gaia -
Kingory – 2D Browser MMO for Mac
Lords Online – 2D Browser MMO for Mac
Lords Online -
MafiaCreator – Create your own browser-based MMO for Mac
Minions of Mirth – 3D MMORPG for Mac
Neverland Online – 2D Browser MMO for Mac
Oberin – 2D MMORPG Developed only for Mac
Onverse 3D Social MMO for Mac
Onverse -
Planeshift – 3D MMORPG for Mac
PlaneShift -
Pirates of the Caribbean Online – 3D MMORPG for Mac
Pirates of the Caribbean Online
Puzzle Pirate – 2D Puzzle MMORPG for Mac
Puzzle Pirates -
Quake Live – 3D Browser-based MMOFPS for Mac
Quake Live -
Runescape – 3D Browser MMORPG for Mac
Runescape -
Savage 2 – 3D MMORTS for Mac
Savage 2 -
Second Life – 3D Social MMO for Mac
Second Life -
Shadowbane – 3D MMORPG for Mac
Vendetta Online – 3D MMORPG for Mac
Vendetta Online -
Wakfu – 2D MMORPG for Mac
Wakfu -
Warhammer Online – 3D MMORPG for Mac
Warhammer Online -
World of Warcraft – 3D MMORPG for Mac
World of Warcraft -
World War 2 Online – 3D MMOFPS for Mac
World War 2 Online -
War of Legends – Browser-based MMORTS for Mac
zOMG – 2D MMO – Social – Medium
zOMG -
Free Mac Games – MMORPG for Mac


  1. Thank you very much!

    All help to keep the list growing is appreciated. Post a comment or get in touch to get involved.

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  5. is this still active? what game is best for mac mmorpg type >.> what is that winebottle i hear from hear and is it free or i should pay for it and how could i play shin megami on mac?

  6. Yes DDtank works fine on mac.

    I’m going to look up Dead Frontier and if it suits this category of games I add it to the site, Thanks Smith.

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