Get a Free and Exclusive Pet for Canaan Online

Today gPotato announced that you can get a free and exclusive pet for Canaan Online simply by connecting your Canaan account with their new Facebook app, Canaan Facebook Stories. In return Cannan Facebook stories will post in-game stories on your Facebook wall once every two days.

Hello Adventurers!

We have a cool new Facebook app that allows you to link your Canaan Online account with your Facebook account and share epic and fun stories with all of your friends.

When activated, Canaan Facebook Stories cool updates to your wall on Facebook once every two days.

Not only that, but when you activate Canaan Facebook Stories and your first story is posted on your wall, you get a free and exclusive new pet, the gPotato! The gPotato is a strong Strength and Constitution pet, and while he’s powerful he’s pretty cute too!

Pretty neat isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Come and check it out!

Source: gPotato Newsletter

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