World of Warships

World of Warships Mac OSXWorld of Warships is another military themed MMO arena shooter by makers of the absurdly popular World of Tanks and the previously review World of Warplanes. This time wargaming is brining us out to sea to bring us an armada of naval battle ships. Putting plenty of cruisers, battle ships and destroyers at our disposal.

World of Warships is played slower and much more methodical when compared to World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. While a World of Tanks match usually averages out at around the 7 minute mark and a World of Warplanes battle usually finishes fast at around 3 minutes. A World of Warships match usually ends after 15-20 minutes of strategic and methodical gameplay.

Ships are controlled from an overhead view, as the camera is hovering twenty feet over the central tower. Wargaming continues to be a dab hand at making controls that turn a complicated war machine into an accessible, keyboard-friendly vehicle. The rudder and throttle controls are designed to be set and forgotten, as though a subordinate had an order yelled at them while the captain worried about other things.

Planning ahead is key in World of Warships. This is especially true for larger boats, bringing guns around to face an enemy takes a minute. Knowing that enemies will most likely come from the East, and planning accordingly, gives captains time to get pointed in the right direction with the explodey-parts facing the enemy. This same slowness also makes flanking especially effective in World of Warships: sneaking around an island to come up behind a ship gives the crafty tactician a solid 30 seconds of free punches while the victim’s cannons rotate around to counter.

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World of Warships is a great Arena Shooter MMO that brings you right into the action of Warship battles. With authentic sound and an advanced tactical gameplay World of Warships will not disappoint if you enjoy battleship simulation games.

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World of Warships Pros & Cons

  • Many ships to choose from.
  • Great mix of strategic combat and strategy.
  • Astonishing graphics, authentic sound effects, and beautiful music.
  • Takes time to master.


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Game type: Battleship MMO Arena Shooter
Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
Graphics: 3D
Fee: Free to Play
Release date: September 16, 2013 (Open Beta)
System requirements: Minimal system requirements for World of Warships Mac OSX: CPU: 2,2 GHz, RAM: 1 Gb, Videocard: Radeon X26XX / GeForce 7800 series or higher, Free space: 10 Gb, OS: MacOS, Windows XP/7/Vista/8/. Recommended system requirements for World of Warships Mac OSX: CPU: dual-core 2,4 GHz, RAM: 4 Gb, Videocard: Radeon 55XX / Nvidia GeForce 460 or higher, Free space: 10 Gb, OS: MacOS, WindowsXP/7/Vista/8 Download available for free online.
This game needs the official wrapper to work on Mac: Wrapper.
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