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Warhammer Online Mac
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning or WAR as it is more commonly known is the ultimate free to play MMORPG for Mac based entirely on campaigns and battle. Built around the idea of racial pairings at war with each other, the player must fight their enemy or their allies’ enemies in order to secure victory and advance in the game. People familiar with the Warhammer universe will quickly recognise much in this extremely popular MMO for Mac.

Featuring a unique battle system known as Realm versus Realm (RvR) which includes both Player versus Player (PvP) and Player versus Environment (PvE) content. The primary objective of a campaign in this MMO for Mac is to dominate and capture an enemy’s capital city at which point is becomes possible to pillage and loot the city. Before this can happen, however, the attacking side must gain enough Victory Points (VP) to decisively show they are winning the battle. These victory points are gained in worldwide skirmishes, battle grounds and instanced battles where the in-game races collide and they are the key to success.

WAR is also one of the few MMORPG for Mac that also feature unique anti-ganking methods to prevent high level characters from defeating low level characters. For instance, in certain battle grounds designed for low level characters, if a higher level, more experienced player joins they will be transformed into a chicken and will be unable to attack, making them an easy target. The game also features player to player and player to enemy collision detection during combat. This allows “tanks”, players who choose to play a protective role to more easily defend weaker allies such as healers by creating choke points or by blocking the line of sight of any attackers and allowing none to pass. Warhammer Online mac really is an interesting and diverse MMO that offers many exciting differences to the other existing fantasy role-playing games. It is definitely worth a look for those who like a bit more warfare in their games.

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Warhammer Online Review
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Warhammer Online brings large scale realm vs real PVP battles to MMORPG for mac. If you enjoy competitive gameplay on a large scale, then you are going to enjoy Warhammer Online.



Strife Pros & Cons

  • Great animations and 3D graphics.
  • Large scale Realm vs Realm PVP..
  • Amazing story and quests.
  • Free Trial is capped at level 10.


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Game type: Fantasy MMORPG
Platform: Mac, Windows
Graphics: 3D
Fee: Free to Play, Freemium
Developer: Mythic Entertainment
Publisher: EA Games
Release date: NA - September 2, 2008, EU - February 15, 2011
System requirements:: Mac OS X 10.5.7 Leopard or later. Intel Core Duo Processor. 2 Gigabytes of RAM. ATI X1600 or NVidia 7300 GT with 128 MB of Video RAM. At least 15 GB of hard drive space for installation. Note: Warhammer Online Mac will not run on PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Mac systems (PowerMac). Supported Video Cards: ATI Radeon(TM) series HD 4850, HD 4870, X1600, X1900, HD 2400, HD 2600, 3870. NVIDIA GeForce series 9400, 9600, GT120, GT130, 7300, 7600, 8600, 8800. Note: This game will not run on the GMA 950 class of integrated video cards.
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