EVE Online Incarna – Now Released for Mac

Today CCP games released their new expansion for EVE Online, Incarna.

EVE Online Incarna will be available for mac today June 21st 2011 and will feature new updates such as: New cruiser-class ships, new gun/turret models and animation, EMC changes for better battle, faction vs faction standings and other performance improvements. On top of this you will also get the ability to acces your own captain’s quarters where you can look at news and strategic data feeds. Along with other goodies to check out in your captain’s quarters you also get your own walkway/balcony which has a majestic view. Oh almost forgot, you will also be able to browse thru your wardrobe and customize your character in many different ways infront of the mirror in your own captain’s quarters.

New turrets animation video:

An Introduction to the Captain’s Quarters:


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