Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights is a free to play 3D Action MMO with beautiful animated graphics. Complete task and mission by your self or cooperatively in almost Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure like fashion. This MMO brings you endless of stages and puzzles to solve. iIt will keep you entertained for quit some time.

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[legend title=”Pros +” style=”2″]+ Beautiful 3D cartoon graphics.
+ Co-operative gameplay.
+ Action packed “hack n’ slash”.[/legend] [legend title=”Cons -” style=”3″]- Repetitive gameplay.[/legend]


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[label style=”3″]Additional Game Information[/label] [info]Game type: Browser Action MMO
Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
Graphics: 3D
Fee: Free to Play
Developer: Three Rings Design
Publisher: SEGA
Release date: November 12, 2009
System requirements: Spiral Knights mac is a browser game, it can be played in all major browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Internet: Internet Connection Required, Intel-based Macintosh system running Mac OS X. Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 with Java 1.5 or or Windows XP, Vista or 7 with Java 1.5: none. Disk Space: 300MB. Graphics: 64MB Video Memory. GeForce 5 series, ATI 8500. Latest video driver. CPU: 1.3 GHz processor. RAM Space: 1024 MB of RAM. (note: Spiral Knights mac will not run on iPads, iPhones, Android devices.)[/info] [not_logged_in][info]Item Giveaways is for members only, become a member, it’s free.[/info][/not_logged_in]


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