Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God is a free to play browser-based action MMO. The game is developed and published by Kabaam and utilizes the good old bullet hell gameplay. The minimal 2D graphics can turn people away from the game. But in fact it’s the simple graphics and highly addictive gameplay that makes Realm of the Mad God mac fun for hours on end. If you die, you die, it’s just to start over again. The goal is to go from level 1 to 20 and after that collect as many honor points as possible. The player with the most honor point before his death is crowned champion.

Realm of the Mad God has 14 unique classes Rogue, Archer, Wizard, Priest, Warrior, Knight, Paladin, Assassin, Necromancer, Huntress, Mystic, Trickster, Sorcerer, Ninja. All classes brings a unique set of skills to the table. So a new game-style has to be applied upon each new class you create. This helps the game stay fresh for a much longer period of time. Try Realm of the Mad God for your self, and see what all the fuzz is about!

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[legend title=”Pros +” style=”2″]+ Simple but yet effective 2D graphics.
+ Permanent death.
+ Action-packed bullet hell gameplay.
+ 14 classes, 20 levels and unlimited honor points to master.[/legend] [legend title=”Cons -” style=”3″]- Gameplay can feel repetitive at times.[/legend]


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[label style=”3″]Additional Game Information[/label] [info]Game type: Bullet Hell MMO / Action MMO
Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
Graphics: 2D
Fee: Free to Play
Developer: Kabaam
Publisher: Kabaam
Release date: June 20, 2011
System requirements: Realm of the Mad God mac is a browser game, it can be played in all major browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Internet: Internet Connection Required, Intel-based Macintosh system running Mac OS X. Operating System: Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. Disk Space: none, it’s a browser game. RAM Space: 512 MB of RAM. (note: Realm of the Mad God mac will not run on iPads, iPhones, Android devices.)[/info] [not_logged_in][info]Item Giveaways is for members only, become a member, it’s free.[/info][/not_logged_in]

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