Quake Live

Quake Live is a free eSport MMOFPS for mac that can be played straight from your browser. Quake Live has it roots from Quake 3 the classical First Person Shooter for PC and Mac. Quake 3 builded a huge fan-base in late 90′s and created a path for future Multiplayer FPS and eSports. Quke Live is Quake 3 played from you web browser with ladder and ranking system built in to a community site. Advertisement billboards are placed all throughout the maps in the game to support the server cost. And there for Quake Live is available at no cost for hardcore eSports gamers throughout the world.

ID software has taken the Quake 3 the classical eSports game to the future. eSports at it’s best!

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[legend title=”Pros +” style=”2″]+ Fully browser version of Quake 3.
+ Fast-paced first person shooter action.
+ Great system for stats, rankings and challenging opponents.[/legend] [legend title=”Cons -” style=”3″]- game mechanics has some years on it’s neck.[/legend]


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[label style=”3″]Additional Game Information[/label] [info]Game type: eSports Browser MMOFPS / Multiplayer FPS
Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
Graphics: 3D
Fee: Free to Play
Developer: id Software
Publisher: id Software
Release date: August 6, 2010
System requirements: Quake Live mac is a browser game, it can be played in all major browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Internet: Internet Connection Required, Intel-based Macintosh system running Mac OS X. Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4 or later, Windows or Linux. Input: Mouse, keyboard. Disk Space: 500GB. RAM Space: 1024 MB of RAM. Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX or ATI Radeon 8500 (note: Quake Live mac will not run on iPads, iPhones, Android devices.)[/info] [not_logged_in][info]Item Giveaways is for members only, become a member, it’s free.[/info][/not_logged_in]

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