Canaan Online

Canaan Online is a Manga-style browser-based fantasy MMORPG for Mac. The very first thing you notice when browsing to their website is the inherent level of cuteness the style has brought to the game and to the world of Canaan. The game offers four classes to choose from: Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Priest, each with their own role to fulfil within the game. The Warrior class is the game’s “tank”, designed to protect the rest of the player’s party by taking most of the damage. The Mage can be thought of as a “glass cannon”; the low health and armor of this class is balanced with extremely high damage output. The Ranger is another class that attacks from a distance, but with slightly more armor and avoidance ability. Finally the Priest is responsible for healing the party and providing buffs which aid the team in combat. The classes are similar to those found in other free MMO for Mac games. Once you have chosen your role and created a character you can enter the world of Canaan.

Although this Mac MMORPG is built using Flash and executes in your browser, the developers have certainly not cut any corners. Canaan Online features a complex character development system and customizable action bars, an intense and fun combat system, professions and trading, a social chat system and a well thought out questing system, complete with quest log. The game even features player versus player combat! As you explore the world of Canaan and complete quests or do battle with the many different monsters around the world, your character will gain experience points and will advance to a higher level. When this happens you will receive points which you can assign to various character attributes to make your character stronger. This in turn allows you to advance to tougher areas and obtain better items. One of the better browser-based MMO for Mac games out there, Canaan Online certainly has a lot to offer.

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[legend title=”Pros +” style=”2″]+ Beatiful 2.5D anime graphics.
+ Friendly community.
+ Over 30 pets to choose and breed.[/legend] [legend title=”Cons -” style=”3″]- Translations could be better.[/legend]


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[label style=”3″]Additional Game Information[/label] [info]Game type: Fantasy Browser MMORPG
Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux
Graphics: 2.5D
Fee: Free to Play
Developer: XPEC Entertainment
Publisher: gPotato
Release date: May 19, 2008
System requirements: Canaan Online mac is a browser game, it can be played in all major browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Internet: Internet Connection Required, Intel-based Macintosh system running Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. Operating System: Mac OS X. Disk Space: none, it’s a browser game. RAM Space: 512 MB of RAM. (note: Canaan Online mac will not run on iPads, iPhones, Android devices.)[/info] [not_logged_in][info]Item Giveaways is for members only, become a member, it’s free.[/info][/not_logged_in]


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