Blade & Soul Finally Arrives in North America and Europe

Blade & Soul Mac OSX Released
After months of waiting Blade & Soul finally is released for north american an european gamers. The game will be open for head start from this very moment until January 19th at 12:01 AM EST. Launching with 12 European and 10 North American servers the connection queues has already started piling up. We are currently seeing around 30 minutes login queues, unless you are a premium user of course.

Play on NA Servers Play on EU Servers

Blade & Soul is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with real-time combat system for mixed martial arts. As a Player you are expected to properly time your attacks and at the same time chain combos to maximize your damage potential. Blade & Soul offers beautiful 3D graphics and lush and characteristic environments. Besides the surroundings the game truly delivers when it comes to character design.

Blade & Soul Mac OSX is available with whineskin.


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