Amazing EVE Online Fan Movie: Day of Darkness II

EVE Fan Video Day of Darkness II
Day of Darkness II is a short film created in-game by EVE Online player Dire Lauthris. He started his project back in 2007 and after a lot of hard work and head bashing against the keyboard, it is now finally released to the public. This master piece of film goes beyond all people’s expectations, including the developers.

A bit of background:
This film covers a bit from the Caldari-Gallente war, based on the Chronicle The Breakout. It’s set 200 years ago, before any of the 4 races had pod technology. I tried to use ships that may have been around back then, though sadly there’s not a huge amount of information that I could find.

A bit more background:
Initially I tried making this in 3DS Max with hilariously bad results. (I might post up some of the initial shots for a laugh one day). I was about to go back to the old Sisi + alts method when I thought I’d ask CCP if they could help out with the locations of some complexes to use on Sisi. Instead they invited me over to their offices and let me have a tinker with the software they use for making their own vids.

You can download Day of Darkness II here.

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