A World of Warcraft Halloween Bug

There are many scary things people normally associate with Halloween; ghosts and ghouls, monsters and creepy crawlers, for example. Computer bugs are not usually one of them. However, for those attempting to get all the Halloween achievements completed in the World of Warcraft MMORPG for Mac and Windows this year, something very scary indeed reared it’s head: a new patch, riddled with bugs.

With the introduction of patch 4.0.1 many things in the game have changed and this has lead to many new bugs and errors that have been more than a little frustrating for the players. One such bug involves the “use icon”, otherwise known as “the cogwheel”. When players come into contact with an item that can be used and mouse over it – causing the cogwheel to display – this results in a complete disconnect from the game server. Unfortunately, in order to complete all the Halloween achievements players must kill the Headless Horseman (usually several times), and in order to begin the fight a certain pumpkin must be used. This has led to many players experiencing an extraordinary level of stress as they repeatedly get disconnected and are forced to try over and over to log back into the game.

Although Blizzard don’t seem to be too quick to sort out the issue, there is a temporary fix that allows players to get around the disconnect bug and complete the Headless Horseman festive boss; some clever individual has released an addon known as “CogFix” which disables single-line tooltips such as those from items that can be used and which prevents the disconnect from occurring. Although not a perfect solution, this does solve the problem for the immediate future and important tooltips should still show up correctly.

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