5 Free Browser MMO for Mac Worth Playing

Here comes a little roundup of free browser-based games that MMOmac.com think is worth a try. Registering is easy and you should be playing the games in no time. Which one do you like the most, let us know!

Canaan Online

Play Canaan Online for Mac

Canaan Online is a Manga-style browser-based fantasy MMORPG for Mac. The very first thing you notice when browsing to their website is the inherent level of cuteness the style has brought to the game and to the world of Canaan. The game offers four classes to choose from: Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Priest, each with their own role to fulfil within the game. The Warrior class is… Read more.

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Dark Orbit

Play Dark Orbit for Mac

Dark Orbit is a free browser game for Mac. Jump in to the huge space of this MMO for Mac control your newly built spaceship and gather resources and create pacts with your friends to survive in the hostile environment… Read more.

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Play Caesary on your Mac

Caesary is an especially good looking free empire building MMORTS for Mac and Windows playable in a web browser using the Flash plugin. There are nodownloads and it is quick and painless to set up a free account and begin playing… Read more.

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Lords Online

Play Lords Online for Free

Lords Online is a free to play MMORTS empire building game playable inside your favourite web browser. The genre is becoming ever more popular and Lords Online is certainly one of the better offerings. Lords Online combines the resource management and city development from RTS games with traditional RPG concepts … Read more.

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Play Runescape for Mac

If you are looking for a free Mac MMORPG then Runescape may just be the answer to your dreams. Runescape is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG that is completely free to play. Because it is designed to play in a browser and uses Java it is completely platform independent and with an estimated 10 million players worldwide, this makes it one of the largest MMORPG for Mac or Linux available today. It is without a doubt the world’s most popular free MMO game as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records… Read more.

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